Cognitive Framework

We use deep learning and word vectors to empower our cognitive framework to ensure high accuracy for multiple languages.

Smart NLP

Input your data and watch our algorithm gain understanding to provide you insights into your clients queries.

Omni Channel

Host your bot on platforms like Skype for Business, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Slack in your own app, website or on multiple other channels.

Connect Databases

Our framework allows you to not only answer questions but get instant answers from multiple databases using our API to bot connector technology.

Hybrid Chat Support

Choose a hybrid approach that allows you to create the perfect triage and route customer queries based on sentiment context and request.


Our built-in dashboards allow you to see and understand events as they happen.

Audit Trail

Get clear audit trails for all actions so you can always be in control of what is happening on your bot.

User Access

Be able to give different users different accesses in your organization to ensure security and control of your bots.

Security & Hosting

We ensure that you can host the bot on your premise or private cloud based with ISO Certifications, so your data is always safe and in complete control of your organization.


Use our NLP engine's multilingual capability to understand and respond to your customers in their language.