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build omnichannel
omnichannel Don't just support,
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Valued Customer Sophie Jones 2017 2018 2019 2020

Chat I’m sorry to hear that.
Should I go ahead and block your card for you?
Yes please Hi Sam, I’m Enterprise Bank’s
virtual assistant.
How may I help you?
I lost my card
Voice What is the price of Google stock? What can I help you
Slide Household Claims Clayton Reynolds Manual Assignment 2:30 PM From: To: Change address 2:30 PM Gilbert Keller Report a claim 2:30 PM Subject: Report a claim Automatic Assignment Cateogory: Motor Claims


Create Value with Enterprise Bot

We are quick, cost effective and offer out of the box domain
knowledge and integration.

4.8 / 5

average satisfaction

Customer loyalty and feedback are very important to us and help us improve experiences.


savings created by
Enterprise Bot

We strive to create operational efficiency and reduce resource effort on basic queries for our clients.

>1 million

conversations with
no human support

We offer high levels of automation and our technology learns and gets better every day.

Transform customer service with next-gen AI-powered Interactions

Our conversational AI solutions easily connect with all kind of CRMs and other applications to automate end-to-end customer journeys.

Key Features

Multilingual AI
Converse in your local language with region-specific terminology and nuances to ensure a natural and meaningful interaction. Currently in English, German, French, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese, and learning more every day.
Intuitive Dashboard and Analytics
Our intuitive, built-in dashboards allow you to track the performance of our solution in real-time so that you can derive meaningful insights and improve performance.
Sentiment Analysis and Agent Handover
No client query goes unanswered because when the user is unhappy or the chatbot can’t answer, we seamlessly hand over to a live agent who has the conversation history.
Our solutions are designed in a way that is compliant to visually impaired users, allowing for screen readers to easily ingest available information.
Easy Integration
Integrate into your core software using APIs or even legacy systems with no APIs to provide meaningful and complete responses. Genesys, Guidewire, Salesforce, UI Path, SAP or any other enterprise software that you use; the possibilities are endless.
Industry-Specific Datasets
Go live quickly and save costs by using pre-trained datasets fluent in industry knowledge and jargon in multiple languages.
Enterprise-Grade Security
All communication is encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption at both transmission and rest to ensure your data is always safe. Host the solution on cloud or completely on-premise and define access controls for utmost data security and GDPR compliance.
Omni-Channel Experience
Host your bot on your website, app or other platforms like Skype for Business, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Slack, Genesys chat, Intercom and many more, to ensure you have the same voice and AI speaking to all your customers irrespective of channel.
Contextual Understanding
Customize the look and feel of the chatbot to make it truly yours and structure the conversation in a friendly and highly flexible user interface with carousels, product images, web links and other custom elements.
Customizable Look and Feel
Our chatbot is capable of holding context in chat conversations and has a memory so that users do not have to repeat themselves. Speak and reason with the bot like you would with a real person.

Industries we support today

No matter your industry, we help enterprises achieve bottom-line improvements with our advanced AI solutions. Our first-hand industry experience that spans across sectors makes us your right technological and strategic partner.


Whether it’s retail or commercial banking, asset or wealth management, we provide automation solutions with integrations into core systems. Check the status of a trade, pay credit card bills, send offers to customers and more.


Provide simple answers to questions about complex insurance products to boost sales, cross-sell, or allow your customers to report claims faster using our smart flows.


Let your customers ask about ticketing offers, book tickets, check train schedules, receive disruption updates or provide feedback through our AI interface.


Enable your customers to create or track the status of tickets, troubleshoot common issues and execute actions such as resetting passwords.


Enable your customers to create or track the status of tickets, troubleshoot common issues and execute actions such as resetting passwords.

Add Your Industry

Our data and subject matter experts and business process engineers are waiting to hear from you so they can carve out a knowledge base for you in less than 8 weeks.

Languages we support today

Our Virtual Assistants are capable of conversing intelligently in multiple languages. And that’s not all, We’re constantly working round-the-clock to add more languages into our fold.

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
  • Swedish
  • Cantonese
  • Vietnamese
  • Swiss German
  • Spanish

We are compliant.

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Whether you want to have a deep dive into best practices and trending AI technologies or you want to get started immediately with the most powerful conversational AI tool in the market, we are here to help.