Generali Switzerland



Reduced need for L1 support for Emails by 40% with over 85% accuracy on email classification and routing.

The Challenge

Generali Switzerland receives many emails
meant for various different departments in
several languages. Manual email triage is very
time-consuming and creates high costs.

All external emails in several languages received in one mailbox

High cost of using highly qualified customer service staff for diverting emails

Slower response as emails are forwarded from one department to another

Looking for more efficient ways to manage peak time traffic

The Solution

On-premise Email Bot integrated with Outlook servers


German and French


Email triage

Key Features

Triage of incoming emails

Fetch open invoices

Automatic forwarding to the right department

Sentiment Analysis of email


We are quick, cost effective and offer an out of the box domain
knowledge and integration.




reduced need for L1 support for Emails

<2 seconds

to send emails to the correct department, 24/7

What Generali Switzerland has to say about us

Enterprise Bot deployed a complete on-premise solution in just 3 months for us. We are happy to say that we have expanded our collaboration to more use cases and countries. Their platform is fast, simple and delivered over 40% of automation within the first month of go live.


Martin Frick




The chatbot ‘Athena’ answers FAQs regarding rail travel with LNER, such as delay repay, ticket changes and seat reservations.

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