SIX Payment Services

Bounce rate declined by 6.2%, Average Session Duration increased by 19.2% and clicks on the Contact Page have fallen by 90% since the chatbot was introduced.

SIX Payment Services

The Challenge

SIX wanted to target a completely new segment of customers under the branding of Go-Card, shifting its focus from large enterprise to small SME's. They wanted a low-cost option for support to allow their users to get all the answers they were looking for without having high costs of a contact center.

  • Large portfolio of devices

  • High cost of customer service

  • Repetitive questions

  • Low margin line of business

The Solution

Add a German-speaking customer service chatbot called 'Nina'.




Customer Service and Sales

Key Features

  • Machine learning based smart suggestions

  • German Natural Language Processing with Swiss German small talk

  • Smart UI cards

  • Tracking of clicks on buy button


We are quick, cost effective and offer an out of the box domain knowledge and integration.

  • >90%

    reduction in clicks on contact page

  • >85%


  • <2 seconds

    response time, 24/7


What SIX Payment Services has to say about us

Enterprise Bot helps us to enhance our online sales channel by supporting our customers during their product selection process. The chatbot communicates with our potential customers in a very human and friendly way and enriches our website with more knowledge and better usability. Due to a very rapid learning curve our chatbot, called ‘Nina’, is always up-to-date and continuously improves its performance. Bernd Gruber Bernd Gruber Head Business Solutions, SIX Payment Services



The chatbot 'Athena' answers FAQs regarding rail travel with LNER, such as delay repay, ticket changes and seat reservations.

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