Agile and Intelligent
Customer Interactions
with EBCx

33% of customers discontinue their association with a brand or product after a single bad experience, and 92% abandon brands after 2 or 3 bad experiences.

– PwC

Give your customers the experience they deserve with Enterprise Bot’s Omnichannel CX Support Suite.

Give your customers the experience they deserve with Enterprise Bot’s Omnichannel CX Support Suite.

Conversations without
human intervention

Increase in Customer
Satisfaction levels

dependence costs

Using Conversational AI-powered Virtual Assistants and Response Automation tools,
a business can now respond to its customers and resolve issues in real-time.

Hyperautomate every interaction with EBCx.

A true Omnichannel CX Support system
integrates different touchpoints in a
customer’s journey.

Meer dan zomaar een conventional CX Support

Our omnichannel CX support suite integrates different platforms and channels onto a single interface, to ensure Contact Centres can address concerns without having to go back and forth.

By gaining access to real-time customer data, EBCx utilises NLP and Meta-Learning to understand how a customer wishes to interact with an organisation and does so in an appropriate fashion.

EBCx is capable of communicating with customers through their preferred medium, irrespective of the choice.

Whilst human agents/executives are prone to mistakes and errors, EBCx is an AI-powered Hyperautomation suite that automates communication across your Contact Centre, reducing human error and mistakes.

Why is EBCx the solution to all
Omnichannel CX Support woes?

Enterprise Bot’s CX Support, or EBCx, is a suite of AI-powered Virtual Assistants and Workflow Automation tools that help businesses hyperautomate their customer contact centres for quicker problem resolving and access to information.

What traditionally took days or weeks to accomplish, has been reduced to mere hours! All of this has contributed to increasing business profitability, by improving productivity.

With the power of Conversational AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP), the suite of products are capable of conversing with customers in empathetic and humane tonalities.


Benieuwd hoe Enterprise Bot bedrijven heeft geholpen een nieuwe impuls te geven aan operationele process d.m.v. kunstmatige intelligentie?

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