Power your ChatBot

Conversation Engine

Our easy to use conversational platform allows you to add skills, ontology (business knowledge) and configure responses without any need for coding. Our enterprise solution is pre-populated and trained to a high level of accuracy in order to ease effort on the client side.

Hybrid Chat

Our pre-built hybrid chat allows human agents to step in into any conversation so that no question goes unanswered and there is a seamless user experience. It comes with built-in sentiment and intent recognition that notifies your agent when he/she needs to step in. If you have an existing chat solution, we can integrate with it in order to provide a similar, smooth user experience.

Analyze your customer data


Data security is of utmost importance to us, as it is for our enterprise clients. In order to sanitize client data, we have built an anonymization tool that eliminates client names and other private details using AI and Symantec search.

Smart Search

If you have thousands of PDF's and are struggling with existing, poor search tools, our smart search is the product for you. Our tool can run a search across the library of PDF’s to find exactly what you are looking for and guide you to the paragraph within the PDF in which the information is available.

Ebot VoC Insights

Upload historic chat data, transcribed voice conversations, emails or other user interaction data and get complete insights into your customer behaviour with minimal training. These intuitive insights help quickly identify issues, track customer satisfaction or train your chatbot automatically with smart, actionable data points.

Automate Email

Ebot Email Engine

Do you have people just reading and forwarding or assigning emails to the right department? If yes, then our Email engine is the answer to all your problems. This integrated solution can fetch historic data from your CRM or Outlook Web Service and automate the data extraction and email categorization process. It is also possible to apply RPA’s to positively impact your FTE requirements.

Mia – Your Virtual Assistant


If you schedule a lot of meetings, then you know how frustrating and time consuming it can be. Mia your AI Virtual assistant is here to help you with just that. Just cc her and she will take care of the rest.