Interactive human-like interactions powered by AI

Scale your customer service and sales interactions with cutting-edge AI chatbots that include pre-built integrations, contextual understanding, and smart escalation to live agents based on sentiment analysis.


Key Benefits of Enterprise Bot

Powerful AI technology blended into existing operations through an intuitive and easy UI for your support team to ensure high productivity and automation with minimal training effort.
80% automation of customer queries

Reduce manual effort of existing customer support staff by 60–80% so they can focus on tasks that really matter.

25% increase of leads and sales

Automatically engage users and ask them the right questions to qualify leads and take the necessary action to convert them. You can also enable the bot to feed all the information into your CRM and capitalize on cross-sell opportunities.

15% improvement of client satisfaction

Respond to users in an instant, 24/7, and converse naturally in their preferred language and on the right channel for the perfect conversational AI experience.

A Guide to your AI Journey

Customize it

Customize it

Select from thousands of pre-built skills and Intents or add your own skill in seconds in an intuitive UI.

Align it to your guidelines

Align it to your guidelines

Configure responses in tune with your corporate communication guidelines and customer expectations to ensure clear and consistent answers.

Integrate it

Integrate it

Benefit from deep integration capabilities that allow an interface to complex custom core systems, CRM, ITSM, RPA and many more, to ensure that complex and personal user queries are fulfilled directly by the chatbot.

Customize the UI

Customize the UI

Customize the look and feel of the chatbot to make it truly yours and structure the conversation in a friendly and highly flexible user interface with carousels, product images, web links and other custom elements.

Go Live

Go Live

Go live on your website, messaging platforms, mobile or portal applications, even with different use cases, to deliver the right information on the right channel.


What Enterprise Bot can do for you

Everything you need in an enterprise-ready chatbot is already pre-configured.

How it all works


Your customer asks a question.


The bot understands the customer’s request and provides an appropriate response from its knowledge base.


If the bot does not know a query or sees that a customer is unhappy, it immediately escalates the conversation to a human agent.


The bot learns from every interaction, increasing its accuracy and ability to solve customer problems.


Analyse customer interactions and key performance metrics to continuously improve the bot and assist the semi-supervised learning approach.


Ready to get started?

Optimize operations, improve customer service availability and NPS scores through 24/7 service across channels, and execute smart actions such as invoice payments, all using one smart AI agent.