Email Response Automation (ERA)

Automatically classify
and respond to emails

Irrespective of how many times people say email is dead, the fact remains that email is still one of the most prevalent methods of customer support, but also has slow response rates. Using our platform, large enterprises like Generali are automatically classifying and instantly dispatching emails to the correct department.

Email Response Automation (ERA)

Key Benefits of Enterprise Bot

Email support remains one of the most prevalent methods of support that is plagued with slow response rates. Using our AI model, clients increase speed of response by over 80%.

75% improvement
of cost efficiency

Improve your support staff's efficiency by automatically routing or responding to incoming emails, significantly optimizing your support staff.

90% faster routing

Improve customer satisfaction by reducing response time by over 90% using automated smart routing.

>85% accuracy of routing

Our AI has over 85% accuracy in its ability to understand, route and even respond to emails

Email Engine in Action

A customer sends your firm an email

A customer sends your firm an email

Enterprise Bot's proprietary NLU Engine helps you process and understand complex user queries with a high degree of precision.

The bot steps in

The bot steps in

The bot understands the customer’s request, the emails sentiment, creates a classification and drafts a response for the email

The email is responded to or forwarded

The email is responded to or forwarded

Based on the classification and the confidence of the AI engine, the email is either forwarded to the correct department or in many cases directly responded to

Interaction analysis

Interaction analysis

An agent analyses customer interactions and key performance metrics to continuously improve the bot and assist the semi-supervised learning approach.


What Email Response Automation (ERA) can do for you

An easy, ready to use email classification and automation engine that is pre-configured for enterprise use.

Advanced Natural Language Processing

Use our NLP engine's multilingual capability to understand your customers in their language. Our bots already speak English, German (even a little bit of Swiss German), French, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese, and are learning more every day.

Easy Channel Integration

Integrate into Exchange Web Service, Gmail, or Outlook 365 in a few clicks to be able to read, understand, and forward emails using AI.

Easy Backend Integration

Integrate into your core softwares using APIs or even legacy systems with no APIs to enable the bot to have deeper client insight for classification and routing. It integrates with Genesys, Guidewire, Salesforce, UI Path, SAP or any other enterprise software that you use; the possibilities are endless.

Rules Engine

While AI is powerful in most instances, sometimes you might want to set custom rules and work flows for exception cases. This is where the rules engine comes into play.

Audit Trails and User Access Rights

Keep track of the changes made to your bot agent and retrieve data as and when required to ensure compliance and control at all levels. Manage user rights and choose the information available to various user groups based on their function and requirements.

Enterprise-Grade Security

All communication is encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption at both transmission and rest to ensure your data is always safe. Host the solution on cloud or completely on-premise and define access controls for utmost data security and GDPR compliance.

Email Engine Setup

ERA easily integrates with your CRM or outlook to upload historical emails. It streamlines end-to-end processes and scales your customer support.


Upload historical emails with their labels or forwarding address from your CRM or Outlook.


The AI builds the machine learning model.


Connect to Outlook through EWS API.


Your bot is live.


Improve the bot through the dashboard to increase accuracy and automation.


Get Started

No more manually reading and assigning emails to the right person in the company. Optimize the process using AI so that resources can use their valuable time more productively.