AI-powered suite
of products

The future is conversational. Power every channel, be it chat, voice or email, with cutting-edge AI tools and automation to drive productivity and improve customer experience.
Tired of responding to repetitive, basic queries and dealing with poor customer service availability? Offer your customers a 24/7 automated chat agent that can take some work load off your resources while creating business value. Customize the look and feel to represent your brand values.
Email Response Automation (ERA)
Do you have to read and manually assign emails to the right department? Instead, our integrated solution can fetch historic data from your CRM or Outlook Web Service and automate both data extraction and email categorization processes. It is also able to provide your agents with predefined responses to optimize performance.
Voice Bot
Over 60% of all conversations still happen over the phone. By using Enterprise Bot’s AI Engine, you are able to understand user queries and either let the bot respond by voice or automatically transfer the call to the right department in a few seconds.

Do you want to improve your existing chatbot or automate your current live chat experience?

Our chatbot can ingest your existing live chat conversations and build a knowledge base or improve the performance and capabilities of your existing solution in record time and at unmatched accuracy.

AI sounds great
– but how do I get started?

We can help!

Ideation and Exploration Workshop

1 day
We invite your IT and Business stakeholders to brainstorm ideas and co-create a digital interaction roadmap to help you prioritize and plan conversational AI activities.

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8-12 weeks
Enterprise Bot builds a pilot to validate and market the idea. In this phase you can test the technology with real customers, measure user experience, and run A/B tests in an agile way.

Scale Up

3-6 months
Build on the pilot to further enhance the functionality and capabilities of the bot through deeper system integrations. Streamline business processes and get more value from AI automation.