HR Chatbot

HR Chatbot

Embracing the Future of Work with EVA, Employee Virtual Assistant

“By 2022, 35% of businesses will be using some form of conversational intelligence and NLP in their talent acquisition process for better results.”
– Gartner
Transform your HR Team with our intelligent Employee Virtual Assistant
Transform your HR Team with our intelligent Employee Virtual Assistant

and orientation

Provide faster
access to HR
policies and

for 24×7 support

Enable real-time
ticket resolution

With the help of a trained and tested AI-Bot, the HRM team can now dedicate their time and effort towards more crucial and critical demands.

Hyperautomate today for a better tomorrow.
Eliminate low-value and repetitive tasks to help your HR team become more productive.

EVA optimizes workflows for efficiency
With Enterprise Bot’s HR Virtual Assistant, you can now automate repetitive onboarding procedures such as employee documentation, form submissions, assessments and orientation.

It doesn’t matter if your business uses ServiceNow, Control Desk, Ivanti, Helix, SMAX, Jira or Freshservice. Enterprise Bot’s ITSM virtual assistant can be integrated into any existing ITIL service management system with ease.

Our ITSM Chatbot possesses the datasets of 250+ different use-cases that have been tried and tested for various ITIL related business challenges, which reduces the overall time-to-deployment.

Meta-Learning and accurate Sentiment Analytics enables the ITSM virtual assistant to measure the urgency of requests and prioritise tasks with agility.

Derive value through an

enhanced employee experience

Tasked with the responsibility of addressing a diverse range of concerns, the Human Resources
Management (HRM) team often endures a crunch concerning resource management, resource availability and overall response-time rates.

Powered by Conversational-AI, EVA utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning to
accurately grasp, escalate and resolve queries without any human intervention.


Curious to know how Enterprise Bot helped businesses re-invent their operations with conversation intelligence?

Build your own Employee Virtual Assistant today
Reduce development costs and overall time-to-deployment using our Low-Code platform
Increase productivity and operational efficiency by automating repetitive and mundane tasks

Get end-to-end assistance on your preferred infrastructure model with Kubernetes and VM-support


Audit and maintain your IT
infrastructure using detailed logs and monitoring systems

Integrate easily into existing systems and frameworks using our No-Code platform
Get scalable and multi-tenant systems that can be customized as per requirement

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