ITSM Chatbot

Frictionless IT service

management with the

ITSM Chatbot

“90% of businesses experience quicker complaint resolution after deploying chatbots”

– MIT Technology Review

Why is our IT Chatbot the most ideal
choice for your enterprise?

Why is our IT Chatbot the most ideal
choice for your enterprise?


Reduction in ticket backlogs


Decrease in agent callbacks


Increase in response rates
for service requests


Increase in overall
employee productivity

With the help of our ITSM Chatbot, you can now automate various processes across your IT support. Leveraging the power of Conversational-AI, Enterprise Bot’s virtual assistants are tailor-made to simplify workflows for cost-efficiency and increased productivity.
Raise. Respond. Resolve.
End-to-end Hyperautomation
of your IT service management

More than just a conventional Chatbot

Your enterprise’s Incident Mean-Time-to-Resolve (MTTR) reduces drastically with the help of the automated escalation and ticket auto-routing features of our ITSM Chatbot.

It doesn’t matter if your business uses ServiceNow, Control Desk, Ivanti, Helix, SMAX, Jira or Freshservice. Enterprise Bot’s ITSM virtual assistant can be integrated into any existing ITIL service management system with ease.

Our ITSM Chatbot possesses the datasets of 250+ different use-cases that have been tried and tested for various ITIL related business challenges, which reduces the overall time-to-deployment.

Meta-Learning and accurate Sentiment Analytics enables the ITSM virtual assistant to measure the urgency of requests and prioritise tasks with agility.

Empower your IT Service interactions with
conversational intelligence

As per requirement or scale, Enterprise Bot’s virtual assistant can be customized to operate as a text-based, voice-enabled or email-response Chatbot.

By providing real-time IT support to your end-users, your business can equip itself with the ability to mitigate IT-related risks and tasks that may arise across various verticals and functions.

The future of IT Service Management has arrived!


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ITSM Chatbot for Enterprise Success
Build your own Virtual Assistant today
customisable dashboard

Customize your UI using our No-Code chatbot canvas

integrate various channels

Upload historical chat-data onto a server or cloud with ease

AI-powered data clustering for efficient scalability

data anaylsis

Extract relevant insights from existing chat-data

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