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Amplify your ITSM workflow with our intelligent virtual assistants

MIT Technology Review

90% of businesses experience quicker complaint resolution after deploying chatbots.

Leverage Enterprise Bot’s out-of-the-box AI solutions to accelerate your IT service delivery
Revolutionize the way your IT support desk operates with AI-powered automation. We help enerprises simplify the workflow and make it cost-efficient with our next-gen IT helpdesk chatbot.


Reduction in ticket backlogs


Decrease in agent callbacks


Increase in response rates for service requests


Increase in overall employee productivity

Elevate your employee & customer experience with end-to-end ITSM automation

Empower your IT agents, customers, and employees with digital-first solutions to improve productivity and optimize cost across operations.
Modernize your ITSM workflow to create more value

Deployment Models

Public or Private Cloud

 Choose a leading hosting service such as Amazon or Google or a private cloud setup within your existing hosting infrastructure. Either way, we ensure that the data is encrypted and processed in accordance with compliance regulations.


For further control over your data you may also choose an on-premises solution in which case the AI engine will be deployed onto servers in your on-site infrastructure so that no data leaves your environment.

Deliver intuitive, connected experiences users love with tailor-made features

Deliver intuitive, connected experiences users love with tailor-made features

Drag & Drop Workflow

No programming needed, making it easy to tailor IT service automation. Our conversational builder allows you to build intuitive UX. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy and fast to create a chatbot and automate tasks.

Voice Automation
Improve user experience by integrating your voice infrastructure with the IT service desk environment. Minimize wait times, call drop out or transfer rates with our voice self-service, intelligent call routing, integrated voice response, and screen pops.
Seamless Integration

It doesn’t matter if your business uses ServiceNow, Control Desk, Ivanti, Helix, SMAX, Jira or Freshservice. Enterprise Bot’s ITSM virtual assistant can be integrated into any existing ITIL service management system with ease.

Pre-built Datasets

Our ITSM Chatbot possesses the datasets of 250+ different use-cases that have been tried and tested for various ITIL related business challenges, which reduces the overall time-to-deployment.

Domain Trained
Our ITSM bot is trained with IT vocabulary. It understands employee queries with NLP-powered advanced sentiment analysis and assists them with more than 50+ IT queries and tasks.
Scalable and Secure
Customize your ITSM virtual assistant anytime to add more use cases based on employee interactions and to meet your business requirements. All communication is encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption at both transmission and rest to ensure your data is always safe.

We are compliant


Helping enterprises overcome challenges with conversational intelligence

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